Hammie Hamster


Hammie Hamster Inc. is a Korean-American startup, focused on educating children about engineering and coding.

Arcade Software was commissioned to develop an iOS app to be used by the young users. The outcome was a great use of Camera, Computer Vision, Augmented Reality and User Interaction Design.

App Demo:

Hammie Hamster comes as a physical set of toy blocks and the App is an extra to play and learn sequential instructions and other coding theory. The blocks have images printed that are recognised by the camera in order to make Hammie move through the stages of the game.

Camera and toy block recognition:

When detecting the shape of the image and direction on the blocks, state of the art image detection (OpenCV) was used. It was of competitive importance that the blocks could be detected on any surface with any background, so that children were not held back from where they want to play.

Hammie Hamster was presented as part of the DCamp accellator demo day, held in Seoul, South Korea.

DCamp Demo Day in Seoul, South Korea

This was a great international experience for a South African software consultancy.